The Rustic Kitchen journey


Welcome to Rustic kitchen & Deli or as we call it, RKD. The journey here has been a long one, starting from a shared dream conjoured up during busy restaurant services when we worked at a local restaurant together over 15 years ago to now. Where we share an award winning café and deli in the heart of Mountsorrel. We both shared the same dream to have a place where you could get a banging full English and a spectacular coffee in a suburban setting  

 Our formula to everything we do is simple get an idea, think about it. Test it, make it again taking into consideration what you did prior and do it again better! 

Visiting us

Join us at RKD for SHIT HOT coffee, awesome cakes, banging food and an awesome atmosphere

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  • Our Food

    Our award winning café boasts the best breakfast around guaranteed!

  • The Atmosphere

    Our café is guaranteed to have decent tunes on amazing coffee and delicious brunch.

  • Coffee & Cake

    Indulge in a coffee from expert roaster Caravan coffee Islington, matched with a house made indulgent sweet pie or traybake. 

The Journey

Setting up RKD

From the moment customers stepped through the doors, they are transported into a world of rustic charm. The aroma of freshly baked pastries and the inviting warmth of the décor created an inviting and comforting atmosphere.

Tom and Lee's expertise allowed them to meticulously craf a menu that showcases their passion for wholesome ingredients and time-honoured techniques. From hearty breakfast platters to mouthwatering sandwiches and succulent slow-roasted meats, each dish was a testament to their commitment to culinary excellence.

The opening of Rustic Kitchen and Deli marked a turning point not only for Tom and Lee but also for the community of Montsorrel, Sileby, Rothly and Loughborough. Their small cafe quickly became a beloved destination where friends gathered, families celebrated and the aroma of delicious food mingled with the warmth of genuine hospitality.

The Heart & Soul of RKD

Meet Tom & Lee

For over a decade, friends and colleagues Tom (left) and Lee (right) had a shared dream. As experienced chefs with over 20 years of culinary expertise, their passion for creating exceptional cuisine was undeniable. However, life had other plans and when the big bad C word came along, they were in a position where they could make their dreams reality.

With unwavering determination and a shared passion, they poured their hearts and souls into establishing a haven where food and hospitality take centre stage. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned them a devoted following.