Our Menus

At Rustic Kitchen and Deli, relish our carefully brewed coffee and homemade cakes bursting with flavour. Our menus offer fresh, local ingredients in hearty breakfasts and enticing lunch specials. Immerse yourself in our cafe's relaxed, inviting vibe - a blend of rustic charm and modern comfort.

Our Food

From savoury delight and sweet treats, dive in and taste some of in our awesome creations.

Our Food

From savoury delight and sweet treats, dive in and taste some of in our awesome creations.


Hot Breakfast Cobs Available until 11am Tuesday - Saturday only

Hot Breakfast Cobs

Available until 11am Tuesday - Saturday only

Classic Cobs

Bacon Cob          £6.00
Dry cured bacon cob with our bacon butter (M)(G-Wheat)(E)

Sausage Cob       £6.00
Lincolnshire sausage cob with our bacon butter (M)(G-Wheat)(E)

The Rustic Legends

RKD Breakfast Muffin        £7.50
Lincolnshire sausage patty, Round corner cheese sauce, RKDs hashbrown & fried egg (M)(G-Wheat & Barley) (E)

RKD Veggie Breakfast Muffin        £7.75
Moving mountain sausage patty, Roundcorner cheese sauce, hashbrown & fried egg (15 mins cooking, can be vegan) (M)(V)(G-Wheat)(SO)

The Mysterious One           £7.75
It’s a suprise! Only the chef knows what it is…           

Feeling saucy? Gew on gi it a go!
(If you have allergies please tell us what they are.)

The Cheeky Pig Cob         £ 8.00
Pig cheek, pork belly & ham hock nugget coated in pork crackling crumb, fried egg & Sauce shop brown sauce (M)(G-Wheat & Barley)(E)

Spicy Egg & Avocado Cob       £7.00
Avocado, fried egg & black bean Rayu cob (V)(G-Wheat)(E)(S)(MD)(C)

The Extras

Free range Wymeswold egg (E)         £1.00

Glenn Lewin sausage (G-Wheat)      £2.50

Glenn Lewin dry cured bacon            £2.50

Fruit Pig black pudding (G-Wheat & Barley)   £2.50

RKDs hashbrown (M)            £2.50

Brunch Menu (9-3 Tuesday - Saturday, 9-1 Sunday)

Brunch Menu

(9-3 Tuesday - Saturday, 9-1 Sunday)

RKD Full English                 £13.50
Glenn Lewin Lincolnshire sausage & dry cured bacon, Fruit Pig black pudding, RKD hashbrown, roasted field mushroom, confit tomato, homemade baked beans, fried egg, toast & marmite butter.

(Can be non-gluten but will require a longer cooking time) (M)(G-Wheat,Barley) (E)

RKD Full Veggie                  £12.50
Grilled halloumi, crushed avocado, field mushroom, confit tomato, wilted spinach, RKD hashbrown, poached egg, toasted Welbeck Bakehouse sourdough.

(Can be vegan & Non-Gluten) (V)(E)(M)(G)(C)(MD)

Steak & Eggs                £13.50
Butter roasted Onglet steak, fried Nottinghamshire free range eggs, chimichurri sauce on toasted Sourdough with marmite butter (E)(M)(G-Wheat)(SD)(M)

Okonomiyaki £13.00
Marinated & Slow roast pork belly, confit pork shoulder & savoy cabbage Japanese pancake, served with Oko sauce, Kewpie mayonnaise, fried egg, spring onion & bonito flakes


Twice baked Lincolnshire Poacher & Smoked Haddock Souffle £12.00
Twice baked Lincolnshire poacher souffle with Smoked haddock,leeks & buttered spinach topped with a Lincolnshire poacher cheese sauce (F)(G-Wheat)(M)(E)(MD)

Eggy Bread & Bacon  £12.00 Welbeck Bakehouse brioche, our egg custard mix, maple syrup & Glenn Lewins dry cured smoked bacon. (E)(G)(M) 

Turkish Eggs £11.00
Garlic Greek yoghurt, poached eggs, Aleppo pepper butter toasted Welbeck Bakehouse sourdough.(


Rustic Kitchen Deli Plank £15.00 pp 
A selection of artisan charcuterie, Lincolnshire Poacher, Long Clawson stilton, Sparkenhoe Red Leicester PLUS a Savoury item from the deli of your choice served with hummus, olives, Tracklements chutney, dressed mixed leaf salad, spicy nuts, Welbeck Bakehouse bread & Peters Yard crackers.


Toasties & Sarnies & Flatbreads served from 11-3 (Tuesday - Saturday)

Three Cheese, Tomato & Chilli Jam Toastie    £9.00
Red Leicester, Ogleshield & Croxton cheddar toastie with James Cochran X Sauce Shop Scotch bonnet chilli jam on Welbeck sourdough. (M)(G-wheat)(SD)(MD)(V)

RKD Reuben Toastie              £9.50
Our own salt beef, sauerkraut, finely sliced gherkin, Frenchs mustard, Russian dressing & Ogleshield cheese on Welbeck sourdough. (G-wheat)(M)(MD)(C)(SD)(E)

Vada Pav                £8.75
Spiced potato dumplings, Kashmiri chilli sauce, coriander chutney, Pickled red onions,Welbeck Bakehouse brioche bun.

(G-wheat)(E)(M)(SD)(MD)(V)(S)   (Can be made gluten free & vegan)

Honey Sriracha Crispy Chicken Cob £9.50
Koji crispy chicken thigh tossed in Sauce Shop Honey Sriracha sauce, shredded cos, sriracha mayonnaise & pickled cucumbers.(G-wheat)(M)(MD)(SD)

Lamb Merguez Flatbread £12.00
Our  in-house Lamb merguez mix, crumbled feta, coriander chutney & a fried egg on our own fermented cumin scented flatbread,pickled red onions & herb salad.(G-Wheat)(MD)(E)(M)(C)

Courgette & Feta Flatbread                   £9.50
Charred & roast courgettes, crumbled feta, coriander chutney & our own fermented cumin scented flatbread topped with pickled red onions & herb salad.(G-Wheat)(MD)(M)(C)

Bacon Flatbread                                  £10.00
Dry cured bacon on our own fermented cumin scented flatbread, coriander chutney, kashmiri chilli sauce, mango chutney, pickled red onions & a fried egg (E)(G-Wheat)(MD)

Kids Menu (Available 9-3pm)

RKD Mini English              £8.00
Glenn Lewin Lincolnshire sausage, RKD hashbrown, Heinz baked beans, egg of your choice, toast & butter. M)(G Wheat)(E)

(Can be non-gluten but will require a longer cooking time)

Beans on toast            £6.00
Heinz baked beans, Welbeck tin loaf & butter

(Can be vegan & Non-Gluten) (V)(E)(M) (G-Wheat)(D)

Scrambled Eggs on toast             £6.00
Scrambled eggs on Welbeck tin loaf & butter (V)(E)(M) (G-Wheat)(D)

Dippy Egg          £6.00
Two Soft boiled eggs with buttered Welbeck bakehouse soldiers (E)(G)(M)

Kids Eggy Bread          £6.00
Welbeck bakehouse brioche, our egg custard mix, maple syrup


Served seasonal fruits & icing sugar


Cereal selection.         £3.50
Selection of cereals available at the counter

(Can be Vegan)(M)(V)(G-Wheat)

Cheese Toastie          £6.00
Cheddar cheese toastie served with crisps


Please speak to a member of staff on arrival if you have any dietary requirements or allergens

(G) Gluten relating to Wheat, barley, Rye, Oats (E) Egg (M) Milk (SD) Sulphites (SF) Shellfish (F) Fish (V) Vegetarian (VE) Vegan (MD) Mustard (C) Celery (PN) Peanuts (N) Nuts (SO) Soya  (S) Sesame