Our Bad ass coffee

Our Bad ass coffee
Thomas Bower

One of the biggest decisions we made in the pre planning days at RKD was which coffee roastery to use, there are more roasterys than you’d expect locally and you’d probably expect one of these to be our choice this isn’t the case. The story goes when visiting a friend in Derby who had recently opened a café too I was knocked off my feet with the coffee they were using and had to have it in our café.


We chose Caravan Coffee Roasters based in Islington.

It was based on taste but also on the quality of training the gave the staff in the days pre-opening and going onward. The café I was visiting had only been open a matter of weeks and the coffee was unbelievable I had to have it! I have drank my fair share of coffee in the past and this was very special.

 In the hopper everyday since the 8th of December 2021 we have had The Daily Blend a beautiful all day drinking bean It’s got tasting notes of  

Dark chocolate

Baking spices

Toffee apple

 It’s just bloody delish! Its 100% Aribica beans and we haven’t looked back since opening the deli those years ago!

We pride ourselves on being scientific with our coffee but not too geeky! Each and every shot is weighed into the coffee machine and timed out using the roastery recipe, the result is a smooth rich and more-ish coffee you sample every time you visit us in the deli.

We are soon to launch a suite of Affogatos to go along side our espresso based best sellers such as latte flat white and americano

 Watch this space

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