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Thomas Bower

The Campaign

After 13 months of starting Rustic Kitchen & Deli in Tur Langton in Tom’s unused wedding catering unit during a global pandemic we have realised a dream &  we would like you to join us in making our next step become a reality. 

The Story

After years of dreaming of our own place whilst working at Hammer & Pincers together, a plan was hatched to have a cafe/deli created by chefs cooking food that we want to eat! There were no cafes serving restaurant quality food and we wanted to change that! 

"We will be serving handmade products using the best ingredients we can afford and showcasing the best products from artisan producers from the UK."

Who would have thought a global pandemic would have made this happen!

How we got here?  Well, with all weddings postponed for the foreseeable future for Tom & unknowingly days before a national lockdown I had planned on leaving my long standing job in product development to move to an exciting new opportunity only for the pandemic to leave me jobless for the first time in my adult life. This was a big shock to us both and after a couple of months of playing with the kids in the garden,  We decided the right time to make those kitchen discussions from years ago a reality was now & stick our fingers up to the pandemic crack on realising our dreams. Yay! Woowoo Yippee!

Over the past 13 months we have achieved a lot, serving so many of amazing people & built a wonderful customer base of regulars in Tur Langton & it’s these people we have to thank for supporting us in making Rustic Kitchen & Deli something we look forward to opening every week in Tur Langton & supplying the surrounding villages with delicious treats. 

With lockdown eventually easing & weddings back in full swing we find ourselves at a crossroads in RKDs future, we need a place we can call home……

We have searched & searched & searched! For an incredible venue in the best possible location and we feel we may have found that such place! Nestled in the old mining village of Mountsorrel a listed building that’s been disused for many years, it’s a shell of a building with big renovations taking place at the minute but it is one helluva blank canvas in a stunning building that we feel we can bring back to life and add something really special to the community. The premises has so much character a place for people to meet, shop & eat great food! 

What we plan to offer

We want to offer the best of the best from artisan producers around the UK, the best coffee made by our passionate baristas, brunch & takeaway offerings that are exciting & freshly prepared in house! We plan for people to come shop in our deli, experience the best products that the UK & Europe has to offer! 

We will have:

  • Local fresh bread & pastries for breakfast
  • The most amazing coffee made by trained Baristas
  • Bowls of fresh healthy salads, 
  • Variety of fruit smoothies & açai bowls, 
  • Amazing sandwiches & toasties,
  • Our classic sausage rolls & black pudding scotch eggs will of course be on offer to eat in or takeaway! 
  • Donut Saturday will be available every week with changing flavours to tempt you for that weekend treat. 
  • We will also stock Craft beers, House wines & Local Gins. 

We will open throughout the week to satisfy your breakfast & lunchtime needs, late afternoon grazing with friends & also open on those sleepy Sunday mornings where you can come and chill out, play a board game with family & friends, get over that Saturday night hangover or sip a coffee before taking that Sunday afternoon stroll around Swithland woods! 

Picnic hampers will be on offer for your visits to the local natural parks with a range of different choices on offer for you to choose! Our monthly cook at home “Fake-aways” will offer something different where we take on different cuisines, styles and high street brands for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home! 

Hot take-aways are another way we want to showcase our skills by offering a different exciting options throughout the year.

We plan to have a private events room available that can be booked out for events, business meetings & can even have craft/product workshops available throughout the year. We’ll have the space at the deli & outside to host events that will really make Rustic Kitchen a destination venue and really add something to the town of Mountsorrel.

What’s The Funding Target?

We’re hoping to raise £15,000 though Crowdfunder

You may not have the means or desire to pledge financially, that is totally fine! There is no obligation whatsoever, however if this resonates with you at all if you would like Rustic Kitchen to become a destination you would love to go you have the means to do so, please pledge we would love your support & your involvement would mean the world to us!! any help including sharing this campaign on social media & talking to your friends and family will all really help.

How we’ll turn your pledge into reality

The shop in it’s current state is an empty shell with no catering facilities just an empty ( dusty) space. An extensive building & shop a fit out is needed to transform this into a beautiful deli / coffee shop space with all the catering & coffee equipment we would require. We get the keys (therefore start paying rent) in September, so we would be on a tight time frame to get the shop open as soon as possible hopefully Late October!! 

Your pledge is an investment, think of it as pre-ordering something really cool like paying for a family brunch a few months in advance or coffee for a month! We will have a host of different rewards so you get to eat your pledge when we are up and running!!

 After both being in the industry for over 20 yrs we both have the understanding & knowledge that the full renovation & kitting out of the shop will cost more than the 15k target, it will be more like the 50-60k with all the engineering works, equipment, furniture & stock required. It would be amazing if the Crowdfunder campaign smashed this target of 15k so we could keep the borrowing down to the bare minimum & by keeping more money within the local economy & delivering on our vision for this new venture..

And Finally….

We would love you to be part of the Rustic Kitchen story! Even if you can't pledge financially, please please spread the word share the project, post it on facebook, share on your insta story, tell your family & friends, even send carrier pigeons!!! If this is a place you want in your local town please help us make this a reality.

We’re super excited about this venture & we are really looking forward to welcoming you into our new home!!

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