POP-IN TO OUR POP-UP!! Rustic Kitchen & Deli's pop-up shop!

POP-IN TO OUR POP-UP!! Rustic Kitchen & Deli's pop-up shop!
Thomas Bower

Pop-up shop products

So, after a few months of opening Rustic Kitchen & Deli, and solely running as an online shop and deli (with our trusty click and collect service), we decided to try our luck at popping those doors right open!
A bit about us first…
“Friends & colleagues for over 10 years we Tom (left) & Lee (right) have dreamt this idea up for most of that time... Then the big bad C word came and we found ourselves in a situation to be able to make the dream a reality, both of us professional chefs for over 20 years the passion we have for food and making it ace is insurmountable. 
Our aim is to create a foodie space on the internet and one day a real shop with a live kitchen where you can come see how we make things and buy loads of cool products. You can collect from our HQ in Tur Langton, we deliver locally or we can courier it to you.
We also offer "Fake-aways" Grazing boxes, pre-prepared food boxes such as sunday roasts, BBQ and breakfasts it's all on our store!”
Rustic Kitchen & Deli Owners Tom and Lee
Now, back to the pop-up…
We first opened our doors on Saturday 5th September 2020, opening at 10AM and closing our doors at 1PM. It was a mighty success, and our team here at RKD had a fabulous, and very exciting day!
It went so well that we decided to make it a weekly occurrence for the foreseeable future (or until we find the perfect spot for our everyday shop & deli)… the search continues!
What you can expect to find when you pop-in to the pop-up…
Each week we spend Thursday and Friday creating many delicious treats that we can offer at the shop. Every week something new and something different is on offer, we want to keep it exciting for you to visit 😉
The first week we had a wide variety of RKD sweety treatys available, we got a bit excited and may have made more than we needed to but who’s complaining ay? 😉 Some of our homemade goodies goodies we've made so far...lemon drizzle, donuts,  s'mores, brownies, macrons, lemon tart, chocolate tart and many more are only available to buy in store so don’t miss out!!

RKD loves a savoury treat as well, and apparently so do you! We homemade some gooey warm black pudding scotch eggs, and some delicious chunky warm sausage rolls… they're always sold out within the first hour or 2!!! That must be a good sign right?! We think so!
We have a fabulous deli counter where you can find a large range of cheeses, olives, antipasto and cured meats!!
Not forgetting the bread... we make our own brioche loaves, chocolate chip brioche muffins, soda bread AND a top seller RKD Garlic and Rosemary Focaccia… It’s delicious! 


RKD Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia £3.00

RKD chocolate brioche

RKD's Chocolate Brioche £2.50

RKD Chocolate Oreo Brownie
Only available in Store!
(we have new and exciting flavoured brownie each week)

RKD Chocolate Tart
Only available at the pop-up!

(flavours alternate each week)

RKD Doughnut Saturday!
Only available at the pop-up!
(flavours alternate each week, this one is Creme Brulee....YUM)

If there is something in particular that you want us to make for collection on the day of our pop-up please get in touch, we're always up for a challenge!! 


Products available in store…
Here at RKD we are continually on the lookout for new quirky, cool and obviously tasty products that we can start to supply! We want to be able to offer you the best range we possibly can so we're always adding newbies to the mix!

So, let’s take a look at a few of our faves that are readily available every Saturday in our POP-UP…

Hambleton Bakery

Each week we order in a fresh batch of carefully selected goodies from Hambleton Bakery to sell in the pop-up!


Garofalo Pasta

Garofalo was established in 1789 in Gragnano, the homeland of pasta. Garofalo is a leader in Italy for amazing, quality pasta. And here at RKD we know pasta cannot get any better than this... 

If we could, we would have every pasta product from Garofalo's. BUT we can't (our pop-up is too tiny :( ) SO, the chosen ones by us:
Garofalo Fusilli
Fusilli £1.85
Garofalo Tagliatelle
Tagliatelle £2.50
Garofalo Linguine
Linguine £1.75
Garofalo Rigatoni
Rigatoni £1.85
Garofalo Lasagne Sheets
Lasagne sheets £2.45

Find them on our store here OR in our pop-up!


Sauce Shop

The most flavoursome sauces you will ever come across, believe us!! From a fabulous Nottingham based brand!
A few of our faves which can be found in our pop-up, or on the online shop!


Sauce Shop Brown Sauce
Brown Sauce £2.75 
Sauce Shop everyday chilli
Everyday Chilli Sauce £2.75 
South Carolina BBQ Sauce
South Carolina BBQ £2.99
Shop the full range here!
Rude Health are a London based company creating delicious healthy cereals, amongst other amazing products! "Brilliant Ingredients. Nothing Artificial. Nothing Refined." 
Honey & Nut Granola £4.60
Super Fruity Muesli £3.50
5 grain 5 seed porridge £3.00
Shop the range here!


Belvoir Fruit Farms

The amazing Belvoir drinks range from Nottingham! 
Elderflower Presse
Ginger Beer
Freshly Squeezed Lemonade
All £2.46! Shop the range here!



Aspall Vinegar

 Aspall Vinegar -‘Founded In 1728. Almost 300 years on, we’re still going against the grain, making remarkable cyder & cyder vinegars at the original Aspall Cyder House.’ 
Classic Cyder Vinegar
White Wine Vinegar
Red Wine Vinegar
All £1.30! Shop the range here




Fun fact about Farringtons! "Farrington’s Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil is the world’s first food product to be certified as both carbon and plastic neutral and this ground-breaking step is just the latest in a long list of sustainable actions they have worked on over the years.” 

Smoked rapeseed oil £5.85
Honey mustard dressing £2.99
Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil £2.38
Shop the range here!

Wessex Mill 

“Our flour is different. It has been milled using wheat grown locally around the mill, you will find the names of the farms on the back of every bag. Above all, it is milled to produce top quality bread time after time."
The chosen ones that you can find at our pop-up!:
Plain Flour £1.65
Self-Raising Flour £1.65
Wholemeal Plain Flour £1.75
Rolled Porridge Oats £1.75
Strong Bread White Flour £1.75  
Shop the range in store!

Hawkshead Relish

Seville Orange Marmalade £3.16
Strawberry and Black Pepper Jam £2.48
Raspberry and Vanilla Jam £2.48
Chilli Jam £3.69
Shop the range here!

Who doesn't love a good snack right? Well why not grab one of these delicious flavoured sharing bag of crisps when you pop-in to the pop-up!

Desert Salt
Bubbly and Serrano Chilli
Somerset Cheddar and Shallot Crisps
All £1.85! 
We have many many more exciting products available in our POP-UP! So be sure to head on down and say hello!!
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