Rustic Kitchen & Deli Meets Hambleton Bakery

Rustic Kitchen & Deli Meets Hambleton Bakery
Thomas Bower

Well Hello there Hambleton Bakery!

If you don’t already know about Hambleton Bakery then we promise you, you’re absolutely missing out!

Who doesn’t love a freshly baked sourdough, or a crumbly melt in your mouth cheese straw? Not to mention the treacle tarts... the list goes on and on! But do not worry, we will tell you more about that later.

It’s been an very exciting few weeks for us here at the Rustic Kitchen & Deli, from having just launched our brand new online shop to then having the opportunity of teaming up with the fabulous bakers over at Hambleton, allowing us to be able to supply their delicious breads and pastries to you, our lovely customers! YUM!

Who are they?

So a little background about the 'Award Winning Regional Specialist Bakery'..

Hambleton bakery was opened in 2008 and was formed as a partnership between the head baker and co-owner Julian Carter and Restaurateur and Co-Owner Tim Hart to make top quality traditional bread for Hambleton Hall and Harts in Nottingham. Just over 10 years down the line and the success of the product has led to the opening of six shops in Oakham, Market Harborough, West Bridgford, Stamford and Oundle, and more than 150 wholesale and customer accounts. The product range was gradually expanded to include cakes and savouries which all share their bread philosophy.

And what a revelation this partnership has been, not only did the pair win the ITV programme Britain’s Best Bakery for the country’s Best Small Bakery title, but they were also regional winner’s of the National Bakery Awards 2020! Wowee!


They are not just any bakery

Quoted from Julian Carter himself "Time is in short supply these days: For us, it's the most important ingredient". 

It is a fact that more than 90% of bread which is sold in the UK is in fact made by an industrial process which was developed in the early 1960s, The Chorley Wood method. This process uses flour from which the germ and bran have been removed, this being a very quick process which only takes around an hour and a half. This means that numerous additives are employed as preservatives or for “dough development” for improved handling in the machines. And modern fast active strains of yeast are used in quantities which also help to speed the fermentation of the dough. Most processed Wholemeal breads contain approximately 30% wholemeal flour. Our Wholemeal breads are made from 100% wholemeal flour."

Now this is how they stand out from the rest, time is the key to a fabulously baked bread!

Science and Health 

One thing we certainly love about their products is that they pride themselves on keeping their bread very traditional, and essentially more healthy than others. But how can something that tastes so good, be less fattening? Well we'll let them tell you that themselves, and then we can all go and enjoy a freshly baked loaf guilt free! 

“Modern bread is rapidly digested in the small intestine producing Glucose that is either used up or stored as fat. Gram for gram, slowly fermented bread contains much less starch than industrially produced bread because, during the long fermentation, yeasts convert carbohydrate into carbon dioxide gas (the holes in the bread). A good indicator of the lower starch content of our bread is the longer time required to toast, reflecting less sugars in the bread. Luckily, slow fermentation encourages the development of lactobacilli in the dough which create lactic acid, responsible for the slightly sour taste of sourdough bread. Lactic acid naturally inhibits the growth of mould therefore we expect our breads to last up to a week before signs of mould growth occur. For those wishing to control weight, traditional bread can be very helpful, combining more satisfying bulk with lower starch."

Who knew there was so much science behind the scenes of bread making hay?

Where can I find them?

If you’d like to find out some more fabulous facts about the team and what they do over there then head on over to their website. Or if you just want to drool over their snaps or see what they're up to then be sure to follow their instagram or facebook.

The Products

Now for the part which is guaranteed to make your mouth water.. lets take a look at their insane selection of delicious freshly baked products, where to begin?

Let's start with those savoury goodies.

Sourdough anyone? yes please. 

A mixture of wheat and rye flours, long fermented over a 48 hour period. It has a mild sour flavour which makes great toast and is delicious with pate, hams and cheese. Like a good wine, the flavour improves as it ages!


The 7 Cereal Bloomer

Made from flour imported from a French watermill, similar to a granary bread but with its own distinctive flavour.


Fancy a Baguette?

French style bread using the sourdough process with fresh yeast. The word ‘Baquette’ simply means wand or baton.


Who doesn't love a bit of Olive Bread?

Olive oil enriched focaccia dough with Italian marinated green olives. Ideal as a sandwich or for dipping. 


Red Leicester Cheese and Red Onion Scone

Our savoury scones are packed with flavour, using all local produce - Red Leicester cheese and eggs and flour.

The Sweet Treat's

Fruit and Almond Tart

.This Apricot tart has a delicious frangipane filling, topped with flaked almonds.

A Traditional British Eccles Cake

Handmade using our own puff pastry and stuffed with currants and cane sugar. It is milk washed and then sugared again to make a crispy, gooey delight!

Tickle those taste buds with a zesty Treacle Tart

Sweet crust pastry filled with Hambleton Bakery bread crumbs, syrup, grated Granny Smith Apples and Lemon Zest. Finished with a glaze.

Want to see more? 

Lucky you! We have a much wider selection than the few favourites you see above. All just as delicious as each other of course! Head over to our online store to find more treats to add to that basket. 

All of our Hambleton's range are available for collection on Saturday's only, with last orders ending on Thursday's by 12pm, so be sure to get yours in nice and early! 

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for more products, we're continuously adding more! 

If you have any questions, please give us a call on 07493380054 - we do love a good chat about food!


Rustic Kitchen & Deli X

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